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Fatima Abreu Ferreira is a Portuguese photographer, born in Guarda, Portugal, in 1983. In 1988 she moved to the north of the country and became a psychologist. In 2017 Fatima abandoned psychology to work and study photography.

Fatima has trained with  Anders Petersen, Jacob Aue Sobol, Antoine D´Agata and Sohrab Hura. In 2018 she completed the Artistic Photography Master at IPCI and founded the photography platform Red String.

She is currently based in London and her body of work operates as a personal document, using the still image as a cathartic proof of existence, an intuitive approach to the world in an effort to understand life as it happens.

Fatima tries to challenge her photography and her perceptions of life by manipulating and toying with different techniques and formats, emulating the depth and vastness of the emotions experienced.

Her aesthetics is predominantly black and white with a dark and grainy style providing an intense, visceral and dramatic view of the subject.

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